Collected Papers on Power, Grounding & Noise in Audio Systems

The four papers in this collection cover grounding systems and their implementation; evaluation of audio systems according to their susceptibility to noise due to a Pin-1 problem; and an overview of single-ended hardware-based noise reduction systems, including those from Cedar, Sonic Solutions, Packburn, Dynafex, and Dolby.

Author Philip Giddings is the founder of Toronto-based audio consulting firm Engineering Harmonics, and has been dubbed "the best in the business" by theatre consultant Richard Pilbrow.

His seminal paper, "An Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) for Audio System Designers," was published in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, Vol. 37, No. 7/8 (July/August, 1989).

Read the four-paper collection here.