Museums, science centres, exhibits, galleries and similar attractions are the primary beneficiaries of the TiMax2 SoundHub-M multi-channel audio server and multi-zone controller.

Accurate audio localization is vital for directing a group of listeners to a specific performer, exhibit, or a presentation speaker. This helps a system provide intelligibility and message impact on top of uniform sound distribution.

The SoundHub-M’s unique audio localization and spatialization enhance the all-important visitor experience by heightening message impact and sense of immersion, while helping to cut through the noise and clatter that plague so many traditionally hard-surfaced facilities. Application notes here.

TiMax 2SoundHub M 

No other single device offers a similar combination of facilities for routing, processing, zone control with music and effects playback as well as spatialization and show control. The savings on hardware and installation costs are significant, particularly with the SoundHub’s optional interfaces for industry-standard networking, including Cobranet, Ethersound, Dante and MADI. Soon to come is a new AVB interface.

Intensive collaboration and consultation with museum and hospitality AV integrators resulted in the development of the SoundHub-M, its first application being an installation for Belgium’s Museum of Original Figurines. The museum showcases highly-collectible figurines of comic strip characters as well as original drawings and plates, using multiple ‘windows’ into their heroic world.

The Soundhub was programmed by Stijn Vermeiren, engineer with Out Board’s Belgian distributor FACE, to provide multiple soundtracks localized for each of the different character zones and feature exhibits of the museum. He also programmed presets for visitor announcements as well as for music and public address for those occasions when the museum is used for corporate events and parties.

“TiMax2 SoundHub is the only processor combining spatial sound imaging with state-of-the-art audio matrix and playback functions in a single product,” explained FACE CEO Karel De Piere. “Previously, we would set up a full rack of equipment, spend most of our time making them talk to each other in sync and making sure it is all stable.

“Today, SoundHub gives us all the necessary features in one, plus the sound placement tools and playback tools as extra—all without having to make any compromise on speech intelligibility for announcement or evacuation messages if needed,” he said.

For interactive exhibits, cues in the TiMax2 SoundHub-M can be triggered by virtually any conventional trigger, including PIR motion sensors, IT beam interrupt sensors, pressure mats, and switches. External relays can also be programmed at any point within a cue to control external equipment, such as lights, motors, fog machines and hazers, thus providing for a high degree of interactivity with visitors.

The SoundHub-M is fully scaleable to provide 16, 32, 48, or 64 audio-tracks and outputs, with an optional 16 inputs for external sources such as show feed and paging. A simple drag-and-drop iTunes-style playlist creation facility has been added for the hospitality sector to allow snapshots to play selected background music compilations and announcements across multiple zones at pre-determined times of day, or even on specific dates, using the SoundHub’s internal date/time triggering.